Aussie highlights

Philly Cycling Classic,USA
men's and women's one day races
(traditionally held on first sunday of June
highest rated one day race in the USA

June 5th 2016

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Jun 7th 2015- Lachlan Norris 19th
 Tiffany Cromwell 34th

Jun 1st 2014-Lizzie Williams 6th in women's race
Bernard Sulzberger 17th in men's race

Jun 2nd 2013- Joseph Lewis 10th
(Kimberley Wells DNF'd in women's race)

finish line changed to Manayunk Wall in 2013

formerly known as
Philadelphia International
was highest ranked one day race in USA
women's race called Liberty Classic.

Men's race served as US Pro Champs1985 - 2005
     (noteable other "Philly Week" results in ( )

2013- cancelled
Jun 3rd 2012- Rochelle Gilmore 2nd in women's
Aaron Kemps 9th in men's
Jun 5th 2011- Chloe Hosking 5th in womens
Aaron Kemps 9th in men's
 Hilton Clarke 13th
Jun 6th 2010- Matthew Goss won men's race
Nathan O'Niel won sprint comp
Ruth Corset won KOM in women's
Jun 7th 2009- Ruth Corset 7th in women's
Johnathon Cantwell 14th in men's
Jun 8th 2008- Ben Brooks 15th in men's race
Tiffany Cromwell 20th in women's race
(Kari Menzies  2nd in Leigh Valley)
Jun 10th 2007- Matthew Goss 2nd
Katherine Bates 7th in women's race
Jun 11th 2006- Rochelle Gilmore  5th in women's
      Katherine Bates 7th      
 Trent Wilson 15th in men's race
(Rochelle Gilmore 3rd in Reading classic)
(Hilton Clarke 4th  in Lancaster classic)
Jun 5th 2005- Oenone Wood 4th in women's
Henk Vogels 24th in men's
        (Karl Menzies 4th in Lancaster classic)
Jun 6th 2004- Alison Wright 8th in women's
Ben Brooks 13th in men's     
Jun 8th 2003- Henk Vogels 8th in men's
Katie MacTier 19th in women's
      (Matthew White 4th in Lancaster)
Jun 9th 2002- Henk Vogels 4th in men's
Anna Millward 6th in women's
Jun 10th 2001- Anna Milward 2nd in women's
Henk Vogels 9th
 (Tom Leaper 3rd in Lancaster)
Jun 4th 2000- Henk Vogels won men's
Anna Wilson 49th in women's
Jun 6th 1999- Anna Wilson 4th in women's
David Mckenzie 14th
      (Jay Sweet won Trenton classic)
Jun 7th 1998- Scott McGrory 4th
Jun 15th 1997- Scott McGrory 2nd
Jun 9th 1996- Paul Bronsnan 34th
Jun 4th 1995- Jason Phillips 36th
Jun 5th 1994- Phil Anderson 15th
Jun 6th 1993- Phil Anderson 38th
Jun 7th 1992- Phil Anderson 16th
Jun 9th 1991- Phil Anderson 3rd
Jun 17th 1990-
Jun 18th 1989- Scott Steward 6th

Men's classic first held 1985
women's Classic first held 1994

in 2009 the women's race, which started after the men's, caught and passed the men's race